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Welcome to The Online School - personalised, flexible education for every learner. We’re a British curriculum online school who prepare students for an ever-changing world through curiosity-led learning.

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The Online School is a British curriculum online school created to bridge the skills gap between theory and application by fostering curiosity and a love of learning. Adapted to every learner with limitless flexibility, our online programmes offer students an immersive and engaging learning experience which can be blended with in-person or online teaching to unlock every learner’s potential. Our expert team have used their extensive experience operating and supporting British Boarding Schools across the UK and Internationally to develop a school that unlocks every learners potential. Together, we’re reinventing education to help students lead fulfilling, impactful lives by developing intellectual curiosity.

We welcome families to visit our drop-in centres in Dubai, London and Oxford. Learn more about how we could support you and explore The Online School platform today.

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“Homeschooling with you gave my children their childhood back.”


"Three hours with a tutor is like a week in school - I learnt so much, so quickly."


“96% of our pupils improve overall exam performance after time spent with our tutors.”


“Homeschooling has made my child calmer, more engaged, and happier. I cannot thank you enough.”


“I don't know what kind of magic you do, but it worked! Thank you!”


“Not only are we delighted with our son's results, but we are hugely impressed with how much he has grown, how much he has learned about himself.”


“From start to finish, everyone has been outstanding and we are extremely grateful for your expertise and really positive approach.”


After a decade of leading in private tuition, running an independent British boarding school, and advising families on educational pathways, we decided it was time to use our education expertise to reinvent online schooling. Our mission is to remove the barriers to entry for high-quality personalised education. There’s an ever-growing gap between what’s taught in traditional classrooms and the skills that are relevant in the real world. We founded The Online School to bridge that gap by nurturing confident and creative problem-solvers for tomorrow’s challenges. It all starts with fostering every learner’s curiosity.

Carl Morris
Head Teacher at The Online School
September 2023Pre-Registration



Take a range of IGCSE courses designed to prepare students to take qualifications accredited by Pearson and Cambridge. Courses can be adapted to meet any need - 1 or 2 year programmes; individual qualifications; full-time or part-time study. Contact one of our consultants to tailor your progamme today!



Coming Soon...



Schooling is more than just the core curriculum which is why we offer a wide variety of extracurricular options including: Speech & Communication, Entrepreneurship, Coding & Robotics, and many more.


In Person Learning

The Online School utilises our extensive global network of expert tutors to offer in person teaching in select locations across the globe. Contact us to discuss options and packages.


Supplementary Courses

Already enrolled in school but want to join The Online School community? No problem! Our programmes can be taken alongside traditional school to supplement and enhance your learning via tuition, test prep, collaborative projects, and consultancy support.


Exam Preparation

In partnership with senior examiners from Mark My Papers and Get My Grades our exam preparation area is the perfect space to test yourself and hone your skills before the big day. Use our exam preparation as part of our full-time programmes or access via standalone subscriptions.


Tuition On Demand

The Online School has one of the largest networks of experienced tutors and they're available on demand! Have a burning question? Access our subject experts instantly for as little as 15 minutes at a time and get the answer you need now.


  • Morningstar Ventures

    A Web3 proprietary investment firm and incubator backing ambitious projects with high disruption potential. As a portfolio company, The Online School is working closely with the Morningstar Ventures design, development and growth teams to continuously develop, integrate and deliver the secure, agile and adaptable solutions needed to reinvent education.

  • Pencil Spaces

    Easy to use, award winning digital classroom that supports online and in-person teaching through a wide range of tools and integrations with the latest technologies. From unlimited whiteboards, video, chat, web-viewers to AI powered tools, The Online School’s seamless integration with Pencil enables our students to access thousands of tutors for live lessons and chat support within minutes.

  • 8billionideas

    Engaging extracurricular courses designed to equip children with the knowledge and skills needed for an ever changing world. The future-focused learning with emphasis on transferable skills, is designed to help children identify and prepare for the pursuit of a career that they’re truly passionate about. The Online School and 8billionideas teams are continuously developing new courses to ensure that we meet the needs of every learner through a complete education solution.

  • Collab

    Collaboration Laboratory was founded by a team of parents, educators and engineers who wanted more from the modern education system. Their mission is to teach skills that aren't taught in schools by nurturing children's curiosity, fostering collaboration, and cultivating their problem-solving abilities. Together with The Online School we are creating a community where kids can develop into compassionate and productive global citizens.

  • Get My Grades

    Get My Grades has been developed by a team of teachers, developers, subject experts, and other professionals to deliver engaging content and collect progress data to help students and teachers make the best decisions about their education. Our partnership with experienced assessors ensures that our questions and activities are targeted and provide students with valuable feedback on their progress.

  • Qualified Tutor

    Shaping the next generation of leaders and innovators is our greatest responsibility. This is why, at The Online School, academic rigour and safeguarding are at the heart of our platform. All of our tutors must undertake rigorous safeguarding checks, and our partnership with Qualified Tutor allows our registered tutors to get free access to training and qualifications. This means that all of our tutors are subject specialists and have the adequate teaching qualifications to deliver world-class tutorials and have undergone safeguarding training in accordance with UKs Keeping Children Safe in Education standards.

  • The Tutor Association

    The Tutors' Association (TTA) is the only professional membership body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK and is recognised as such by the UK Government. Becoming a member of The Tutors' Association signifies a commitment to the profession, and to upholding the highest standards of safeguarding, professional practice and ethical behaviour. The Online School is proud to be a member of the Tutors' Association’s growing community.

  • Play Vertical

    Focusing on social media research and growth, Play Vertical has partnered with The Online School to design and produce short-form educational content that speaks to our demographic. All our short-form content is designed with our students in mind and contains key conventional educational concepts, showcased in unconventional ways.

  • Mark My Papers

    Mark My Papers’ team of examiners are approved by UK exam boards to mark our students’ GCSE exam papers and structure our exam-focused course content. Our partnership with accredited examiners ensures that our courses offer students a structured, approved pathway to reach their full potential in every exam.

  • Pearson, Edexcel and Cambridge

    We’re accredited by UK exam boards to offer students GCSE and A Levels through a fully online curriculum.

Learning Made SIMPL

Through an engaging learning environment, The Online School is designed to spark curiosity, ignite the learning process, promote self-mastery, foster inter-community participation, and launch students’ post-school pathways.


Earn rewards through a Learn2Earn programme that gamifies your studies whilst inspiring a love of learning.


Inspirational mentors guide students on their academic journey and foster academic and interpersonal skills to support them in achieving their dreams.


Unlock your potential through on-demand tuition and tailored learning programmes delivered by world-class tutors. 


Pursue every ambition through tailored profiling and academic roadmapping guided by our expert consultants and advisors.


Join extracurricular courses designed to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the real-world. From starting a business with our entrepreneurship course to developing public speaking with our speech and communication programmes. Don't see what you're looking for? Make a request and we'll build it for you!


Global Families

As the world becomes more interconnected many families are looking to enjoy the benefits of a nomadic lifestyle, but education has often been a point of difficulty for this way of life. The Online School allows you to take your schooling with you and even gives students the opportunity to meet new students and learn about new cultures either online or via our in-person learning centres (available in select locations).


Students may have fallen behind traditional school curriculum for a variety of reasons, whether it is poor health, specific learning difficulties, or just that they need a more personalised approach. The Online School is an entirely self-paced environment that offers unmatched flexibility and personalisation in every student’s curriculum.

Athletes & Artists

We work with a number of high end athletes, young actors, and other artists to ensure that they are attaining the highest levels of academic success alongside their early career achievements.


It’s no secret that the education system has remained largely unchanged for centuries, and families are now looking for exciting alternatives to traditional systems that nurture a child’s innate curiosity and desire to learn in order to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. The Online School’s innovative SIMPL Education system does just that, and builds the necessary skills to succeed in an ever evolving world.

Curriculum Transition

Changing school is a difficult period in any child’s life, add to that the requirement to slot into a new curriculum and it can be extremely challenging. The Online School has successfully worked with students transitioning from a variety of different curriculums to give them the best start in their new British school.

Intellectual Curiosity

It can be challenging for a classroom setting to cater to every student’s specific needs and pace, and this can result in some students feeling like they want more from their education. The Online School’s proprietary SIMPL Education system ensures that no student is held back and gives them the freedom to explore what interests them well beyond the scope of the curriculum.