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We’re an online school developed by experts in British education and schooling.

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The Online School is reinventing education by utilising the latest technology to engage and excite students about the learning experience. Our team has decades of experience tailoring curriculums to a diversity of individual needs, and has developed programmes that utilise the power of technology to its full potential whilst integrating the very best practices learnt from years of evolving pedagogy. Students follow the UK curriculum working towards GCSE, IGCSE, and A-Level examinations accredited by Pearson Edexcel, and Cambridge International (CIE) as full-time and part-time students. Above all, The Online School adapts to the full range of lifestyles, learner profiles and academic-personal goals.

“One of the things that I think makes The Online School so special is the emphasis on personalised learning and treating each pupil as an individual.”

Carl Morris
Head Teacher at The Online School
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Online Courses



Take a range of IGCSE courses designed to prepare students to take qualifications accredited by Pearson and Cambridge. Courses can be adapted to meet any need - 1 or 2 year programmes; individual qualifications; full-time or part-time study. Contact one of our consultants to tailor your programme today!



Coming Soon...



Schooling is more than just the core curriculum which is why we offer a wide variety of extracurricular options including: Speech & Communication, Entrepreneurship, Coding & Robotics, and many more.


In Person Learning

The Online School utilises our extensive global network of expert tutors to offer in person teaching in select locations across the globe. Contact us to discuss options and packages.


Supplementary Courses

Already enrolled in school but want to join The Online School community? No problem! Our programmes can be taken along side traditional school to supplement and enhance your learning via tuition, test prep, collaborative projects, and consultancy support.


Exam Preparation

In partnership with senior examiners from Mark My Papers and Get My Grades our exam preparation area is the perfect space to test yourself and hone your skills before the big day. Use our exam preparation as part of our full-time programmes or access via standalone subscriptions.


Tuition On Demand

The Online School has one of the largest networks of experienced tutors and they're available on demand! Have a burning question? Access our subject experts instantly for as little as 15 minutes at a time and get the answer you need now.


Individual GCSE programmes tailored to meet individual pupils’ specific needs. With no fixed start dates and flexible completion times, pupils begin their studies at any point in the year. Independent Study - developed to offer students the ultimate flexibility whilst delivering an immersive schooling experience. One-to-one/Group - Join our classes or tailor your own study with our expert tutors. We offer any subject, any curriculum, at any level. Get in touch to learn more.
Core & Supplementary Subjects
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Many More

Discover and master your element through online and in person activities guided by inspiring mentors. The Online School empowers pupils to pursue what’s most important and exciting to them. Beyond the curriculum, our interdisciplinary extracurriculars are curated by our academic team to help pupils develop crucial life and learning skills. TOS pupils develop crucial life and learning skills through sporting and cultural activities curated by our academic team.

In partnership with 8billionideas we are bringing pupils of The Online School a host of incredible 'critical curriculum' courses designed to nurture essential future skills and develop the leaders of tomorrow.
S&CSpeech & Communication
In partnership with On The Field Academy and taught by the Voice of Dubai, learn to communicate like a pro from an experienced voicer over professional.
Developed by our team of expert consultants, this course will prepare aspiring Oxbridge candidates by supporting you in preparing your application and ensuring you are ready to tackle the infamous interviews.
AIHow to use AI
You may have noticed the recent shift in technology due to the enormous impact of AI. This course is designed to support young learners to use AI effectively during their studies and getting the most out of this incredible technology.


Education experiences should be as unique as we are. The Online School learns from and with our students to help them learn what and how they want. We listen to our learners and adapt their experience to suit a diversity of lifestyles, personalities, and undiscovered interests.

Immersive Learning

Students flow seamlessly through a school day with engaging content, on-demand tuition, and school forums tailored to their unique learner profile and academic goals.

Self-Discovery & Student Ownership

Choose and pursue your own pathway through a flipped learning model with unique course content recommendations.

Freedom & Flexibility

Develop your interests and unique skills at your own pace with unlimited access to premium course content libraries.

Community & Collaboration

Learn from your peers and connect with students across the globe by participating in online discussions, collaborating on group projects, and earning rewards for answering other students' questions.


Learning is a process of sustained engagement - monitor and motivate yourself through gamified test preparation. Boost your motivation with our Learn2Earn system designed to reward students for actively engaging with your studies.

Curiosity-Driven Learning

All people love to learn, but not all people love their education. Develop twenty-first century skills like curiosity and creative problem solving through a varied curriculum that encourages exploration beyond the textbook.

Education Without Barriers

Coming soon - Our charity programme seeks to empower millions of pupils from underprivileged backgrounds through free access to world-class education, hardware and internet. Every fee-paying place unlocks a free programme for a pupil that meets the qualifying criteria - funded by The TOS Foundation.