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Our educators are subject-area experts who guide, tutor, and mentor students through personalised academic journeys. Drawn from the world’s leading universities, our tutors are hand-picked and trained by our expert team, with ongoing CPD from Qualified Tutor.

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Jake Morris
Educational Programme Developer (Science & Maths)

As a STEM Tutor at The Online School Jake is responsible for developing engaging lessons that inspire a love of learning. Jake studied Physics at Durham University, University College and is particularly excited about recent developments in Nuclear Fusion. Jake has previously worked as Academic Coordinator at Carfax College, Oxford and is not only a skilled tutor but is also experienced in developing personalised educational programmes.

Laurențiu-Victor Bălașa
Product Advisor

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Laurentiu is passionate about growth and achieved over 2 billion downloads across his portfolio of mobile applications. Currently scaling Basmo, an AI powered reading application. Laurentiu is working closely with the co-founders of The Online School focusing on product development, partnerships and AI technology applications in education.

Carl Morris


Have you ever noticed how natural it is for us to learn new things? Yet, so many students feel disconnected from their education. Carl is a passionate advocate for changing the way we think about schooling, and is on a mission to inspire a new generation of lifelong learners who can tackle the biggest challenges facing humanity with critical thinking, confidence, and creativity. With a wealth of experience as the Head of a leading British Boarding school and managing tuition businesses worldwide, Carl knows what it takes to build educational programs that are engaging, relevant, and personalised. He holds a Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Having devoted his professional life to education, Carl is an enthusiastic educator with a broad range of knowledge and expertise in Science and Maths. He has worked with pupils from all the major curricula and even helped underprivileged children gain places in top universities through his work with various tuition organisations. Carl is dedicated to making education an exciting and fulfilling journey for all students.

Tudor Oros


Education reform has always been in the spotlight but implementing any change to a rigid and reluctant system is a challenge. Tudor believes that traditional school level education is no longer in line with the pace at which our world is evolving and if it is ever to catch up, education has to be reinvented into an agile, flexible and ever evolving decentralised system that is not bound by age, geographical location or time and in which standards are set by future employers. Tudor graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing, went on to start a number of businesses and has led a global group of education companies as its Managing Director over the past three and a half years. Tudor has a keen interest in Venture Finance and its role in accelerating progress and innovation across industries. He completed a Venture Finance Programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Myth 1: Social Development

Many parents are concerned about online schooling and the social development of their child. However, a number of studies have proven that homeschooling or online schooling produces successful adults who are actively involved in their communities and who continue to value education for themselves and their children. At The Online School we have developed an innovative SIMPL Education system that ensures students benefit from peer-to-peer learning, group projects, and even in-person learning opportunities*. Many of our students and their families find that online schooling frees up their time to participate in additional extracurricular and social activities. 1. 2009Study.indd ( *available in select locations.


Ruby joined us in order to resit her exams after suffering from a severe medical condition which had hindered her progress and meant that she had missed large sections of material. The Online School’s flexible learning programmes allow students to study at their own pace, and with the assistance of their mentors, students can adapt the order of topics to focus on knowledge gaps before revisiting topics they are already confident with. This allowed Ruby to use her time efficiently and achieve results she is proud of. “I don’t know what kind of magic you do, but it worked! Thank you!”


Moving to a new school is a difficult time for any student, but changing curriculum can be a real challenge. Anastasia was a confident English speaker but had only been taught in her native language and quickly discovered that there are many terms only used in academic settings that are difficult to pick up through natural conversation. Anastasia joined us for a transition year where we taught and mentored her in a broad range of subjects to improve her academic English and allow her to join a British Boarding School confidently at the level of her peers. “Home-schooling has made my child calmer, more engaged and happier. I cannot thank you enough!”


Teenagers with active social lives can really benefit from the flexibility of homeschooling, this is what Ahmed found when he joined us. The flipped classroom and one-to-one learning approach meant that he required less time in the classroom to unlock his potential. This allowed Ahmed to have a full schedule of extracurricular activities including sports, robotics, and even improvisation classes where he could interact and learn from other students. “3 hours with a tutor with is like 1 week in school - I learnt so much, so quickly!”

We promote student wellbeing and resilience through personal guidance, advice and mentorship. All students have a personal mentor as well as access to a Safeguarding and Wellbeing team dedicated to looking after their social-emotional needs.

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